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Sound Piano Crafts reintroduces the touch,
tone and beauty of pianos through honest care,
education and 55 years of master technical skill.

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Piano technician using a tuning lever to tune a piano

Tuning Services

The basic standard of care recommended by most piano manufacturers and technicians is to tune your piano every 6 months to a year.

Piano technician using a regulating screwdriver to adjust a piano

Action Regulating

Adjusting the way a piano’s keys trigger the hammers to strike the strings and respond to the hand of the pianist.

Piano technician using a piano hammer voicing tool to adjust the voice of a piano

Piano Voicing

Adjustment of a piano’s tone or quality of sound to create an even and wide range of tone.

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  • Piano and harpsichord tuning
  • Regulating and voicing
  • Repairs and parts replacements
  • Humidity control systems installation
  • Complete rebuilding and restoration
  • Skilled expertise with all major brands and manufacturers
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Collection of tools for tuning a piano spread out